The Grocer: Lemon poppyseed cake & great coffee

For the eagle eyed among you, you may have started to notice that many of my visits to cafés and afternoon tea outings don’t actually involve tea.  

As I am perpetually tired most of my indulgence occasions require copious amounts of coffee. In fact, most days involve a lot of espresso coffee.

And yesterday was a great example of that. A large flat white, followed by a small flat white. At one of the best coffee spots in bucks.

We are getting ready for a week away and so on my to do list was getting the dog groomed. While Harry was getting preened, I took the chance to enjoy a nice break in my favourite spot in Amersham, The Grocer.

There are two locations in Amersham old town both are great, cozy and always busy. It can be difficult with prams as both venues are small, so it isn’t really suited to a mums lunch date with all the babes but great you want a bit of ‘me’ time. I love having lunch for one. A chance to breathe, relax and read the paper. 

I went to the Grocer at 91 (91 the high st) they have one large communal table and then a few small tables, but the vibe is great, and the coffee is even better.

Being an Aucklander, I like my coffee and the flat whites here are amazing.

I started with a Chicken and peanut dressing sandwich – delish! 

As Harry’s haircut was taking a while, and the little one was still sleeping, I took the opportunity to have another flat white and a piece of the lemon poppyseed cake. I normally go for their chocolate or carrot cake, but the lemon poppyseed cake was fab. It had a lovely glaze and was double layered with a lemon curd and thick icing filling. Definitely worth the calories. I worked extra hard at the gym this morning to make up for it!


Harry looking smart , haircut at Leo’s Pet Spa