GBBO on catch up

So we are a bit behind on bake off, the baby has been ill and as you will remember from my last post we had a bit of a disaster, this week was no different.

so Saturday I decided to make delicious apple tarts for dessert for our weekend dinner guests.

  I used the recipe from the Lauderee recipe book so it was destined to be tasty.  An almond pastry and apple cooked in two different ways. I spent most of the day making them, ensuring the pastry was well chilled before cooking and  after assembly finished off with an apricot glaze.

You can see from the picture they were quite impressive. I was so pleased I showed my husband, then as moving to put them into the fridge I somehow slipped and they all fell on the floor. In my shock and upset I had a delayed reaction to the dog eating them up. This all ended in a drama. The tarts contained sultanas which are toxic to dogs so we had a rush visit to the vet and ended up eating strawberry tarts from m&s for dinner.


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