Baking & Babies: #GBBO cake week

I was so excited to sit down to the first episode of Great British Bake Off this week.

It was cake week, my favourite and so I was all set to share with you a fabulous Gaetaeu. I planned to make an Opera Gateau. Light and airy with delicious layers of buttercream and chocolate ganache.

Now I began this on Thursday, the day after GBBO. And well, it was a great big fail. I began with all the prep, first discovering my square tin wasn’t ideal so deciding to use my loose bottom round tin. 

That was my first mistake. My second mistake was thinking I could make the cake with little baby girl sitting in her high chair watching. Now, it did initially. She sat banging her maracas. I whipped the eggs.

But as I realised I hadn’t prepared my dry ingredients, this diverted my attention, baby started crying and getting restless so when it came to folding all the components together I had baby girl in my arms. Not ideal.

A big learning was on the whipping of eggs and sugar, I had done this nicely but left it too long and it had lost a lot of air, then when I folded in the whipped egg whites it was loosing the air even more.

Then I rushed the adding of butter to my dry ingredients, so suddenly I had lumpy almond amongst the flour. And so I rushed even more and addedmy lumpy mix   to the deflating egg mix.

The result? A flat cake with lumpy cooked egg. It kind of tasted like an omlette.

So this was binned.

Now not wanting to miss out.. I did the next best thing, found a fabulous patisserie which sold Opera Gateau. Not homemade, but very indulgent.

celebrating GBBO cake week ewith Opera Gateau at Jungs


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