St Mawes hotel & Cornish cheese

Spending the week in Cornwall with a baby and a dog is slightly different to the glamorous summer holidays of the past in Italy. 

Yesterday we managed to find a little gem which made us feel just a little cool again.

We visited St Mawes, a lovely part of Cornwall. I had planned to have afternoon tea at the Idle Rocks, set right on the harbours edge with a lovely terrace, but unfortunately they did not like furry friends to join. They suggested their sister hotel the St Mawes Hotel so we strolled back down the road.

St Mawes Hotel was a great choice. Friendly, kind of cool, easy going and dog friendly.

The menu was very relaxed, but not all the typical pub choices, I had Calamari and a Panzanella salad. The Panzanella was not quite how the Tuscans do it, but still tasty, with very fresh tasty tomatoes.

To finish, I was convinced to go for the cheese platter. I would have loved to have a sweet, but actually a selection of local Cornish cheeses was the perfect finish.

Still looking for my perfect Cornish cream tea… Maybe tomorrow.


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