Yummy Tiramisu

Last night we had friends for dinner, an Italian themed menu, of course it had to be Tiramisu for dinner. As there is no gluten free lady fingers (that I have found), I made a gluten free sponge in its place.

Gluten Free Tiramisu

Recipe Instructions:

Make the sponge (as per my Victoria sponge recipe)

Instead of using a cake tin, put the cake mix into a piping bag and pipe out some ‘fingers’ on a tray.

Cook for 15min or until brown.

Leave to cool (ideally overnight).

To make the Tiramisu:

Mix together 150ml of Marscapone with 300mls of whipping cream, 2 tablespoons golden caster sugar and 50mls of Disaranno. Beat until thick.

Soak sponge fingers one at a time in cold Espresso, lay into your dish or glasses (i used old cut glass brandy glasses).

Layer with cream mix, add another layer of espresso soaked sponge.

Top with final layer of cream mix.

Use a sieve to cover with cocoa powder, top with shaved dark chocolate


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