Making the most of blackberries

Today I decided it was time to do something with the tonnes of blackberries I picked on Friday afternoon.

I have two big blackberry bushes in my garden, one is a wild thorny one which has beautiful big round blackberries and the other produces the type of blackberries you normally find in the supermarket.

I made a classic blackberry jam, 450gm blackberries to 450gm of sugar, lemon juice and pectin. I love to make small batches of jam, it means that you can make different flavours and you never get bored of the same jam over and over.


I used the rest to make this fabulous upside down cake. The recipe is here upside down blackberry cake

The changes I made to make it gluten free was a swap of the plain flour for 150gm gluten free flour and 50gm rice flour. I added an extra tablespoon of milk to ensure it was moist enough.



4 thoughts on “Making the most of blackberries

  1. Cake looks amazing! I made gluten free blackberry pudding with the brambles we picked from the forest yesterday – pudding tasted lovely, and tho I usually make it with raspberries, plums or cherries, it is titled “blackberry pudding” – BUT the seeds were still “seedy” and crunchy, which was a shame. Was that a problem in your cake? Guessing the pectin and cooking breaks down the seeds in the jam. Loving that you’re now GF, can’t wait to visit again 😉 px

    • It does still get a bit seedy. But not too bad – my next jam batch will be a blackberry jelly, I made one last season and it was lovely – last jar is almost finished! I think there is probably another 2kg of blackberries to come from the garden! Freezer will soon be filled with crumbles, pies, might even try some sorbet! 😋

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