Indulgent 350 calories of chocolate mousse

Today we are having friends for dinner. It has to be one of the hottest days of the year so far so I have tried to plan a menu which is appropriate for the weather. I had a craving for chocolate today, so when planning dessert it had to meet the weather conditions and my craving, so a Pavlova or Meringues were not going to cut it.

I have gone for the chocolate mousse from the Laudree sucre book. It is relatively easy, eggs, dark chocolate etc… And tastes fantastically indulgent. I halved the recipe because it was supposed to have 8 eggs and 320gm of chocolate for 8 people. I halved it and stretched it to 6 people. Well, 4 adults and 2 kiddies.

I’ve topped it off with some fresh raspberries from my garden and reduce rants to offset the sweet with a bit of tart.

Will be paired with a lovely dessert wine from the Malibu winery last weekend.

If you want the full recipe – email me!

Less than 350 calories…. Pretty amazing!




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