Lemon Meringue Pies, Chocolate Brownies and very tight trousers!

This last week, with the macarons challenge, and a weekend of fairly intense baking, I am feeling my jeans are just a wee bit snug.  While I have been busy with brownies, more macarons (with the aged eggs), and lemon meringue pies this weekend – i failed to attend the gym at all!  In fact during the macaron madness, I am completely failed to go to the gym over the last few weeks.

I have been perfecting my recipes for the business, and getting ready for a summer of hosting tea parties and bringing afternoon tea back to the people of South West London.

There will be set menus that a client will be able to choose from, with a mix of lovely indulgent treats  – something for everyone.

I am considering eventually offering a mix of options, with different themes, such as Italian or Indian (based on my love for the sweet – Kalikand) and I imagine a mix of gourmet Samosa and Bhaji.  But initially my focus is on the more traditional.  Traditional with a twist.  So I am formulating menus which include all the traditional elements of an afternoon tea, but with some small changes and tweaks, making it more modern and unique to Alice’s Tea Garden.

During the summer months, I am going to be opening my garden to special afternoons of indulgence…the tea parties will be available for a limited time  for groups of 10-15 guests.  I will be offering this at a special price (TBC) as I consider this my market testing.  But everyone will still have a wonderful time! So if you are organising a classy hen do, or a special baby shower – email me! kristie@alicesteagarden.co.uk

Can’t wait – very excited!!

Now, tomorrow – my day job, followed by Body Combat – or should I say Macaron Combat?


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