St Patricks macarons were a big fail! Tonights challenge…perfection

I have now turned into the Macaron obsessed.  My St Patrick’s plan did not work.  A great big fail!  The colouring seemed to affect them and they cracked on top, stuck on the bottom.  All were a complete disaster!  This was soo disappointing especially after my beautiful vanilla ones i made the other day.  I am very frustrated.  But it is completely my fault.  While i have read that it could have been the colouring that destabilised them.  This would have the case if the colouring contained oil – I am going to check tonight.  But, other reasons they were unsuccessful could have been due to my laziness, because I:

– didn’t double tray them

– tried removing them from the tray right away.

– perhaps wasnt accurate enough with my measurements


This is the objective

The perfect macaron

The perfect macaron

My game plan:

– age my egg whites in the microwave (I have always used fresh, room temperature – but this could have a massive impact on my bottoms sticking)

– buy some new electronic scales to get measurements exact

– double tray

– ensure completely dry before putting in oven

Then i am going to test little batches with the following trials of oven temperature:

1. Use both top and bottom oven elements

2. Test bottom only element

3. Test bottom and top with fan

4. Test leaving them in the oven to cool down with the oven – this is always the trick my mum taught me for meringues and pavs – so am going to give it a go!

Luckily i have two ovens so won’t be as complicated as it sounds.  Is my Friday night of fun – last night alone before my husband comes back from travels so perfect time for some obsessive macaron experimentation.


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