Alice’s Tea Garden First Afternoon Tea Party!


Alice’s Tea Garden is hosting our first Tea Party this weekend!  It is a baby shower so VERY special occasion.   I will be using a combination of my two Royal Doulton tea sets.  I will have a selection of 3 teas available, including Peppermint, English Breakfast and Earl Grey & Blue Flowers.

Baby Shower Menu


– Smoked Salmon sandwich fingers

– Chicken & Sundried Tomato sandwich fingers

Cakes and Sweets

– Scones, Clotted Cream and Alice’s traditional Apricot Jam or Lemon Honey

– Custard fruit tarts

– Chocolate & Raspberry  Brownies

– A selection of Rose and Vanilla Macarons

– Special baby shower cake



Alice’s Peppermint Tea

Early Grey & Blue Flower

Classic English Breakfast

Cafetiere of Italian Blend coffee

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Mineral Water

On Friday night I will prepare the pastry cases for the fruit tarts, cook the Macarons and bake the cake.  Saturday morning, ice and decorate the cake, prepare the filling for the Macarons, bake the scones and make the Sandwiches.  I want to make the Scones last as would like them to be still slightly warm when served.

I need to select a tablecloth too, and will have some  freshly brewed cofee, orange juice and mineral water for those who prefer an alternative to Tea.

We will be helping to prepare several fun games, but as there will be several babies at the party we need games that won’t require abandoning all the children! 

The games will include:

1. Guess the baby – all guests will need to bring a baby picture of them and we will have a fun game of match the baby

2. Don’t say baby! From the moment guests arrive, they will be given a necklace to wear, each time someone catches someone saying baby they will win that person’s necklace – will be a very fun present for the winner!

3. Dress the baby!  Two teams of 4 people, each have an item of clothing to dress the baby with, first team to finish wins!  The guest of honor gets to keep the clothes and nappys!

Really looking forward to it, look forward to sharing the photos from the day.


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