Successful Macarons!!!

My macarons were an absolute success!  Third time was a charm!!  There are a few which still had little tips – but that was because of the way I had piped them.  The recipe I was using said to wait 15minutes for the outside to dry before putting in the oven – but I waited almost 45, they were still not dry but had pied so I put them in the oven.

Vanilla Macarons

My master piece... third time the batter was perfect!

Another tip is to make sure your oven isn’t too hot.  My new oven is very, very hot!!!  So i have to always adjust recipes instructions on baking time and temperature.  I cooked my macarons for 15minutes at 150 degrees (instead of 180 degrees). 

These are the end product (well almost end product – next step is filling!!)

Wandsworth macarons

My Almost Perfect Macarons


The tips I would offer someone making macarons are:

1.  Make sure your egg whites are beaten enough, like with a pavlova or meringues, if you don’t beat the egg whites until stiff, it will run.

2. When you add the icing sugar + almonds make sure that you are really gentle with the mixing.  You want to just mix it together, then you need to do the macaronage.  Really count the number of times you do the macaronage.  I didn’t on my first or second batch and i think this makes a difference.  If you over beat it it just goes runny.

Right – I am off to make some filling!!!


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